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BLKWGN Products offers a wide array of products and services across many different industries. Our mission is to provide a top black owned platform for every industry to help black businesses have a higher chance at building a successful business or brand. Check out our WGN now! You can shop the marketplace for all kinds of products. Find your next job, home or car or get the groceries delivered with BLKWGN.

BLKWGN Marketplace

Shop Black Owned, Locally owned, women owned and minority owned businesses all in one place.

BLKWGN Groceries

Shop for your favorite groceries and get them delivered to your door.


Shop for new and used cars on BLKWGN. We have great deals!



Find your next home or investment property on BLKWGN.


Looking for work? Find your next job on BLKWGN.


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Find Businesses near you in our directory.

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BLKWGN Services

Book your appointment with your favorite service pro from hair and beauty to taxes and babysitting. Book your next service on BLKWGN.

BLKWGN Home Improvements

Find a BLKWGN approved home improvement company to get your project on the right track and looking good.

BLKWGN Business Solutions

Let BLKWGN help you get your business to the next level. We do it all from filing forms to helping mange sales.


Stay inspired and motivated to take on what ever challenges you may face so you can accomplish your dreams with Motiv8 by BLKWGN.

BLKWGN Learning

Learn skills that will help you pay the bills or find peace in your life at your own pace. We offer courses on skills like graphic design and sales to meditation and cooking. Learn something new with BLWGN.

BLKWGN Delivery

BLKWGN will offer Delivery services to businesses signed up on BLKWGN Marketplace. Along with delivery will come warehousing of their products.

BLKWGN Productions

BLKWGN Productions will produce content for all. From movies to Youtube videos and product commercials BLKWGN Productions will shoot and edit them all.


BLKWGN will offer courses taught directly from the higher ups that are all catered towards the students business and goals.  


BLKWNG Networking is another way to meet the right people and best of all this platform will guide you to them based on your needs.

Lighthouse Program

The BLKWGN Lighthouse program is a program for the homeless of those struggling to make ends meet yet they have dreams of being a successful business owner. This program will offer housing, income and hands on learning and help.

BLKWGN Laundry

BLKWGN will do the laundry for you! We hire a bunch of at homers to pick up and wash, dry and fold your clothing.


It’s time we catch up in the tech world. BLK Tek is designed to help BLK Tech innovators have a platform to grow.