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At BLKWGN we pride ourselves on diversity of employees, vendors, products and customers. We believe that it is our duty to help build the communities that we service day in and day out. Take a look at our YouTube Channel to see some of the content we have produced and to get an idea of how we plan to help you reach your goals while building a better world.

On our channel you can see promo videos for the latest products, vendors and deals along with How to’s to guide you every step of the way. Some of our videos are fun and some are simply put educational but we do our best to provide you with all the information you need to either start selling or start shopping here on BLKWGN.

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Meet the CEO

Robert knows first hand the importance and the difficulties of starting a business and making money. After leaving his job as a car salesman he soon found that starting a successful business is a process that can be done but you need the right information, the determination and the resources.

While attempting to launch his business he lost everything including his home, cars and even some friends and family but he was determined to keep going regardless.

During his time being homeless Robert taught himself on Youtube how to: build websites, advertise, source products and structure pricing for profits.

It was also during this time of being homeless that he began to notice that he wasn’t the only one having a hard time making ends meet. In response, he decided to build a multi vendor platform to help anyone and any business owner make more money. Thus BLKWGN was born.

BLKWGN is a multi vendor platform for businesses to sell their products to the general public who are already on the site shopping for other products, groceries, automobiles, real estate, jobs and local businesses.

Robert has a burning desire to eliminate poverty and to help empower the African American community whose average household income falls well below their counterparts.

Robert has taught this course to several people including the freshmen class at Martin Luther King High School in Detroit.

His goal for 2020 is to teach 100k people how to earn $1000 per month using drop shipping, affiliate marketing and online sales.

Robert says You don’t need a lot of money, sales experience or inventory to follow the outline he has provided to start making money. You just need to want it.

To learn more about Robert or BLKWGN visit www.blackwagonproducts.com or follow him on Instagram @_blkwgn.

CEO of BLKWGN Products LLC – Robert Jackson Jr. (Divoc Lak)

Instagram: @blkwg_marketplace

Facebook: blkwgnproducts

email: info@blackwagonproducts.com

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